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DMG Social specialises in Social Media Marketing and Social Media Curation, Reputation and complete Representation and Management.

Founder John Dryden found he could not gain strong support from people that new what they were doing or talking about in this space, nor could they deliver on what they promised within a budget in a short period of time.

John researched, studied and applied himself to craft what it takes to make social media work. DMG Social was created, and is now a powerful and supportive resource to SME and Corporates alike.

DMG Social is all headed by Social Media native John Dryden. John loves social media and he is one of the most passionate, energetic & enthusiastic leaders in the Australian Social Media arena. DMG Social grew through demand for a changing media landscape and is now poised to be one of Australia’s most obsessed social media agencies. Take one of these packages now!

  • Beginner Social
  • $2750 mth

    Marketing across 3 social media platforms

  • Intermediate Social
  • $3750 mth

    Marketing across 5 social media platforms

  • Advanced Social
  • $4875 mth

    Advanced Marketing 15 Social Media

John is a regular speaker and presenter on television, radio, digital & and quoted in print mediums, and is highly sought after for online reputation management.

John as an early adopter of new technologies is one of Australia’s most foremost social media speakers, commentators and educators.

DMG Social can ensure that you gain certification in Social Media Curation and Management and eCommerce strategies.

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