Blade Runner 2019: How close are we to the film’s vision of the future?

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In 1982 the film Blade Runner provided us with a stunning but utterly dystopian vision of the year 2019. But now it is upon us, how close is the Blade Runner 2019 to reality?

As with any vision of the future, Blade Runner has deep influences from the time it was conceived. There is something both socially and aesthetically that is distinctly 80s about the sci-fi masterpiece.

However, there is also some thrilling tech that belongs firmly in our collective vision of the future. So how close have we come, and where have we surpassed Ridley Scott’s masterpiece?

Robots and artificial general intelligence

Central to the Blade Runner plot is, of course, replicants, which are essentially bio-engineered robots with exceptionally sophisticated levels of intelligence, able to think abstractly, perform a host of different tasks and perceive themselves in a manner almost indistinguishable from humans.

And on this front, it is very safe to say that the real 2019 fails miserably to match up. Our robots are at best machines with a mock-human appearance, which are typically only able to perform basic pre-programmed tasks.

That is not to say that they are not impressive – there have undoubtedly been dramatic advances in both artificial intelligence and robotics, and their growing use reflects the value they have. However, in order to reach the level of Blade Runner’s replicants, we have much, much more to do.

One significant area is the development of artificial general intelligence, which is where an AI would be able to switch between wildly different tasks, and use abstract thought to encounter new scenarios much like a human would. At present we only have achieved narrow AI, which is focused on single tasks or focuses, and the vast majority of experts believe remains many years away.

Furthermore, the bioengineered hardware sported by the replicants also remains some time away. The film depicts the manufacture of organs such as the eye in a manner that is currently beyond our reach – although efforts to 3D print organscould in the future bring this closer.

Computers and digital analysis tools

While we might be a long way off the robotics of the Blade Runner 2019 world, we have long surpassed the computers Scott imagined for our era.

In one memorable scene from the film, we are treated to Harrison Ford analysing a photograph found at a crime scene using what in 1982 would have looked like highly sophisticated technology.

3 Things That Will Change the World Today

However, the computing on show is utterly retro by today’s standards. The machine appears to be running on a modified version of MD-DOS, and so would have looked out-of-date back in 1995. Similarly, the ability to ‘enhance’ an image as Ford does can now be achieved with a basic zoom, while the graphical capabilities alluded to in the scene have been dramatically surpassed.

The one area of computing we were slower to catch up to was voice commands, with Ford seen instructing his machine to show him different areas of the image by speaking. However, with the advent of voice assistants, we are now comfortably hitting – and surpassing – the technological bar set by the film even in this area of computing.

Flying cars and space travel

While computers might be better than in the Blade Runner 2019, transport – sadly – is not. The police-operated flying cars known as Spinners, which feature vertical take-over and cover capabilities, are not something we are accustomed to seeing in the real world.

However, we are moving closer with the development of autonomous vertical take-off and landing vehicles, such as those being developed for Uber Air or Lilium. We also have our own futuristic travel in development in the form of autonomous cars, although in both cases these remain a few years away from widespread use.

Where we have significantly fallen short is in space travel, which Blade Runner paints as far-reaching and everyday, alluding to both off-world colonies and trips beyond the solar system. Here, unfortunately, we are probably over a century away from Blade Runner’s vision, although it is nice to imagine it will come sooner.


Where we have beaten the Blade Runner 2019 is in communications, with video phone booths being a widespread feature of the film’s world.

While video calling is quite common now due to the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services such as Skype, the film sees characters reliant on their proximity to cumbersome public tech.

There is nothing on the communications side of the film’s world that comes close to the smartphones of the real 2019, which far surpass any of the computing capabilities shown in the Blade Runner 2019.

We may not have replicants and flying cars, but in many ways we live in a far more futuristic world than Blade Runner’s creators could have envisioned.

Regional NSW rising as Sydney falls: Hotspotting’s Terry Ryder

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Markets in Regional NSW continue to head in the opposite direction to Sydney. While the Sydney market is showing increasing signs of decline (generally speaking – there are exceptions), the cities and towns of Regional NSW are delivering growth markets right across the state.

This is particularly evident in the price data. Hotspotting’s location-by-location analysis has revealed 150 Regional NSW locations where median prices have grown 5% or more in the past year, of which 65 locations have increased more than 10%.

In addition to the 150 places with 5%-plus price growth, there are another 67 locations with annual price growth between 1% and 5%.

The growth has been led by seven locations with a growth of 20% or more: Crestwood (up 26%) Evans Head (up 23%), Kiama (up 22%), Catalina (up 21%), Berry (up 20%), Soldiers Point (up 23%) and the Shoal Bay unit market (up 31%).

The Newcastle region has been particularly strong on price growth in the past year. The LGAs of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens all have multiple suburbs with solid to strong median price growth.

The Central Coast is another standout, with 13 suburbs with median price growth above 5%, including Ettalong Beach (up 17%), Kincumber (up 10%) and Wamberai (up 13%).

In terms of locations with rising demand, as measured by quarterly sales activity, our Summer survey has found 53 Regional NSW locations with markets trending upwards. This is slightly below the average of the past two years and is down on the 70 rising markets identified in the Spring 2018 sales survey.

The Queanbeyan-Palerang LGA just outside Canberra is the leading precinct, with five locations with rising demand. Leading locations include Crestwood and Queanbeyan East, where quarterly sales activity has been trending steadily upwards over the past 1-2 years. Crestwood’s median house price has risen 26% in the past 12 months.

The Newcastle region continues to stand out, although Newcastle itself is past the peak in terms of sales activity. There are only two Newcastle suburbs with rising demand but many with plateau markets. The previous strong demand is still delivering significant price growth and a number of suburbs (including Hamilton, Hamilton South, Mayfield, Wallsend and North Lambton) have risen more than 10% in the past year.

Outside Newcastle in neighbouring LGAs, Lake Macquarie and Maitland both have four suburbs with rising demand, while nearby Port Stephens has two. Out in the Hunter Region, Singleton, Muswellbrook and Scone all have increasing buyer activity. Muswellbrook’s quarterly sales have been 41, 52, 57, 74, 60 and 78 in the past 18 months – and its median house price has risen 8% to $305,000 in the past year.

Tamworth is one of the emerging markets. It now has four suburbs with rising demand, including North Tamworth where quarterly sales have been 17, 30, 34, 39, 34, 41 and 45 – with its median house price up 11.5% to $430,000 in the past 12 months.

There are towns with growth markets right across Regional NSW, including Casino, Kyogle, Cooma, Griffith, Parkes, Gunnedah, Cowra, Glen Innes, Inverell, Gloucester, Lithgow, Mudgee, Tuncurry and Broken Hill.

Some significant markets have passed their peaks in terms of sales activity but still, have strong prices. They include the Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, the towns of the Wingecarribee LGA and the Tweed region near the Queensland border.

In the Tweed area, prices have risen strongly in the past 12 months in Bogangar (11%), Casuarina (19%) and Kingscliff (14%).

Terry Ryder is the founder of,,

Proudly curated and collated by Matthew George of Urbanactivation, driving business and development in Real Estate.

VERDICT MEDIA STRATEGIES – Changing the face of business as we know it.

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Every company has a perfect customer. And at Verdict Media Strategies, we’re all about finding and engaging with them for you. We design, target and measure your content by combining art and science – beautifully crafted and intelligent copy with analysable metrics. Reach out to me to see how VMS can benefit your business with intelligent insights and powerful tools to increase your business activity and sales. Call John Dryden on +61 4 8461 3508

Social Media will be stepped up over the Christmas/ New Year Period! Curated by John G Dryden

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Is social media worthwhile over Christmas break?……. 100%!!

With Christmas now less than a week away, many people are looking forward to a much-needed break. But should businesses be taking a break from social media over the holiday period?

Author and owner of PR firm CP Communications, Catriona Pollard said that studies have shown that some 60 per cent of Australians use the internet more than five times a day, and that 70 per cent admit to using their phone during mealtimes, meaning that “the digital world remains a prevalent part of everyday life”. And social media plays a central role in that connectivity.

“For this reason, it’s important that your business is maintaining a presence, with content in the pipeline, ready to jump into 2019,” the author said.


Social still gets used over summer: Facebook

Kaylie Smith, Facebook’s head of SMB for Australia and New Zealand, said that most people don’t stop using their social accounts when the holidays arrive, and that means businesses should be, too.

She told My Business that having a presence on social media post-Christmas “gives you an opportunity to boost sales among your holiday customer base”, while tapping into customers checking out post-Christmas sales or seeking ideas for spending gift cards they had received as presents.

“Business should defo be thinking about their social strategies over Christmas and the New Year, as holidays are a great time to introduce your brand to new shoppers and attract new buyers in volume,” Ms Smith said.

“I know by my habits that most Australians over the summer and holiday season always have their mobile phone within easy reach. We travel with the phone, sunbath with it and look at our apps throughout the day.

“People are spending on average over three hours a day on their phones, and mobile is the ideal way to reach them with relevant products and compelling offers.”



Benefits of staying active on socials over Christmas

Ms Pollard said that there are a number of business benefits to maintaining a social presence over the holiday period, even if your business will be shutting down. These include:

Getting in on the festivities

“Unless you’re the Grinch who stole Christmas, it can be fun to involve your business in the festivities of the season,” Ms Pollard said.

“This doesn’t mean your business needs to start planning an elaborate Christmas event; incorporating festive flair can be as simple as adding a holiday-themed cover image to your business’ Facebook page or sharing a few holiday-related articles on your Twitter.”

Maintaining a visual presence

Keeping your brand in the minds of customers is a year-round task, and the holiday period is no exception.

Ms Pollard said that if your business is shutting down, there are various tools and apps that allow for content to pre-scheduled, ensuring a fresh stream of posts continues throughout the shutdown period.

Your customers may be off work, too

Many people take time off over the holiday period, and it can be easy to forget that we’re not alone in doing so.

“With many people off from work, there’s an opportunity to drive high engagement levels over the holiday period,” Ms Pollard said.

“Whether this be through posting regular content, replying to customer comments and feedback or even offering a special, holiday promotion, your business will reap the benefits of audience interaction.”

Go to to find out how your business can benefit over Summer and into the business year of 2019! Speak with the Team at DMG Social today!

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Seequent Acquires Geosoft: Merger of Leapfrog and Geosoft Brands Creates Subsurface Geoscience and Modelling Powerhouse

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Acquisition brings together leading developers of geological modeling and geoscience software solutions for mining, civil engineering, energy and environmental sectors

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand and TORONTONovember 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Seequent, a world leader in visual data science, today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Geosoft, a Canadian geoscience software company headquartered in Toronto with offices around the world. The acquisition brings together Seequent’s Leapfrog 3D geological modeling software suite with Geosoft’s subsurface geoscience and exploration data-driven technology – to create an unparalleled subsurface offering for the mining, civil engineering, energy and environmental sectors.

(Logo: )

Shaun Maloney, Chief Executive of Seequent, says: “The acquisition allows two strong geoscience brands, Leapfrog and Geosoft, to join forces to offer a greater range of solutions for our customers around the globe. Together, we are better equipped to deliver on our commitment to enable better decisions about some of the world’s biggest earth environment and energy challenges.”

Tim Dobush, CEO of Geosoft, says: “There is exciting synergy between our two companies, and together we can deliver new and enhanced value to our global customers. We share the same vision and passion for making a difference, and empowering knowledge from geoscience data is at the core of what we do. By bringing our people and powerful technology assets together under Seequent, we’re able to help customers solve their ever-larger geoscientific challenges across all disciplines and industries.”

Seequent is known worldwide for its Leapfrog® 3D geological modeling solutions. First introduced to the mining and minerals industry close to 15 years ago, Leapfrog® helps uncover valuable insights from geological data and enables geologists and executives alike to confidently make critical time-sensitive investment and environmental decisions. The company has since launched Leapfrog versions for the geothermal and energy industries and civil engineering and environmental industries, as well as other visualisation and collaboration technologies.

Geosoft’s Oasis montaj® technology platform is an industry standard within the geosciences, supporting advanced analysis and understanding of the Earth’s subsurface and subsea environments. The company’s Target for ArcGIS software is the market-leading geological application for Esri, delivering essential workflows for geoscience and GIS professionals working on the ArcGIS platform. With its release of VOXI Earth Modelling, Geosoft pioneered the use of high-performance geocomputing and 3D geophysical inversion modeling in the cloud.

By bringing together the Geosoft and Leapfrog brands, Seequent now has a leading market position in subsurface geoscience and modeling software solutions with offices in 20 locations and approaching 400 staff around the world serving customers in over 100 countries.

Maloney added, “We’ll continue our focus on mining and minerals, energy, civil and environmental industries. Geosoft’s capability will allow us to add to all of these areas and provide valuable new expertise to other areas.”

Seequent’s global headquarters will remain in Christchurch and the company will continue to drive R&D from New ZealandCanada and South Africa. Geosoft’s global headquarters will remain in Toronto, Canada.

Seequent was advised on the transaction by Murray & Co (financial) and DLA Piper (legal). Geosoft was advised by DCF Capital Partners (financial) and Gowling WLG (legal).

About Seequent
Seequent is a world leader in the development of visual data science software for understanding subsurface geology, with customers in over 90 countries. Our solutions enable people to create rich stories and uncover valuable insights from geological data, and ultimately make better decisions about earth, energy and environment challenges.

Seequent is known worldwide for its Leapfrog® 3D geological modeling software, initially developed for the mining and minerals industry. Now, civil engineering, environmental and geothermal energy industries also rely on Seequent’s software to manage project risks and uncover opportunities for their business.

With diverse applications, the technology supports large scale projects globally including, road and rail tunnel construction, groundwater detection and management, geothermal exploration, resource evaluation, and subterranean storage of spent nuclear fuel.

Seequent’s global footprint includes its Christchurch-based HQ and R&D centre, and a network of offices across Asia/PacificAfricaSouth AmericaNorth America and Europe providing solutions for customers in over 90 countries.

For more on Seequent visit:

Twitter: @seequentglobal

For more on Leapfrog visit:

Twitter: @Leapfrog3D

About Geosoft
Since 1986, Geosoft has helped to advance the understanding of the Earth’s subsurface. Geosoft ranks among the top 150 software companies in Canada, providing geoscience software and data services to thousands of organizations in over 100 countries around the world. The company’s solutions improve access and utilization of geoscience data, enabling deeper scientific insight to support decision making across the earth sciences. Geosoft software is used by international government geological surveys and agencies, educational institutions teaching the earth sciences, and the most successful energy and mineral explorers in the world. Geosoft’s corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada is supported by operations in AfricaAustraliaEurope and Latin America.

For more on Geosoft visit:

Further information:
Sandra Lukey, Shine Group (PR for Seequent)
Phone: +64-21-2262-858; Email:

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Spetses: the perfect Greek island getaway

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Spetses (or “Spice”, as the Venetians decided to name it back in the 15th Century), is one of a few island gems sitting pretty in the Argo-saronic Gulf, just west of the enchanting island of Hydra.

Here on Spetses, with an overwhelming fragrance of jasmine and pine, you are guaranteed to experience “la dolce vita”. Known for the important role it played in the 1821 War of Independence, it was here on Spetses that the revolution flag was first raised.

Long-regarded as a playground for the Athenian elite (many of whom have their summer houses here), and popular with the yachting crowd, the island also became famous thanks to the romancing of Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy back in the day. Not only is the island home to a picturesque harbour, lined with bougainvillea-clad 18th century mansions, it is full of natural beauty as well, with secluded beaches, pine-clad hills, ancient churches and historical museums scattered all over.

But the best bit? It is only a 2-hour fast ferry ride away from Athens and the mainland, making it very easy to get to. Given cars are forbidden (unless you are a resident), the best way to get around is by scooter or electric bike. The 5000 or so permanent residents generally do the same, bar the odd horse-drawn carriage as well.

With a perimeter of just 16km, this little island is packed with a whole lot of wonder and delight, and makes for a perfect summer weekend (or longer) getaway.

Where to stay?

For such a small island, there are some wonderful accommodation options on offer. We found these three to be particularly good…

To splurge

The Poseidonion Grand Hotel

a white tub sitting next to a window: poseidonion-grand-hotel-img-7936.jpg © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited poseidonion-grand-hotel-img-7936.jpg If you are wanting to go all out, look no further than the grand-dame herself, The Poseidonion Grand Hotel – home of Spetses glamour for more than 100 years. With its beautiful seafront location, overlooking the island’s lively piazza and out over water to the Peloponnese coast, this is old-world grandeur at its finest. The Poseidonion is an architectural delight – full of beautiful marble, decorative archways and lovely mosaic-tiled floors. Staff are friendly and service is sharp and efficient.

Take your pick from one of two swimming pools, a treatment at the day spa, or perhaps a sundowner in their lovely garden terrace bar. For the best room, we recommend choosing the Cupola Suite (for lots of space and its beautiful terrace), or the Pool Suite (for your own private plunge pool and garden), both have gorgeous views over the sea. When staying at the Poseidonion, you will be joining the links of Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Bobby Kennedy who all stayed there in the ’60s.

For something more ‘middle of the road’

Zoe’s Club

Perfectly priced, this lovely apartment-style hotel offers a quiet accommodation option only minutes from the centre of town. Zoe’s has a lovely pool and a great breakfast each morning. You’ll get complimentary wine and cookies on arrival. Zoe’s Club cannot be faulted.

For something more budget-friendly

Twin House Spetses

a house with bushes in front of a building: twin-houses-img-7946.jpg © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited twin-houses-img-7946.jpg With clean, simple rooms and a beautiful bougainvillea-filled garden, Twin House Spetses is a quiet, calm place to stay right near the centre of town. The best bit though is its super warm and hospitable owner, Eftychia. A kind local woman, Eftychia bakes delicious homemade pies for breakfast each morning, together with other local Greek morning favourites. The hospitality she offers is friendly, generous and super helpful (Eftychia even offered for me to use her bike for the duration of my stay). Very close to where the ferry arrives into, this is a great and affordable option.

Where to eat?

For the best gyros in town, head to Souvlucky. This local favourite, right on the water, is renowned for its amazing meat and delicious pita. We recommend ordering the ‘traditional giant’.

a close up of food: souvlucky-img-8009.jpg © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited souvlucky-img-8009.jpg Tarsanas is the island’s most-revered seafood tavern, located in the Old Harbour. Be sure to book in advance. With a great variety of very fresh fish on offer, the setting by the water is stunning and the service is excellent.

Orloff restaurant, also in the Old Harbour, is housed in an 18th century classical building and offers a chic taverna-style dining option on a lovely white stone terrace overlooking the water. They also set up a few candlelit-tables along the pier. Come here for all your very favourite and most authentic Greek dishes.

Ombra is all-white and very Italian. Great pizza and pasta, and a beautiful terrace from where you can look over the harbour. Request a table closest to the edge for the best view.

a boat sitting on top of a building: ombra-img-7968.jpg © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited ombra-img-7968.jpg Water of Love (or ‘Nero Tis Agapis’) has been around for more than 10 years and is well-known for its fresh and delicious seafood. Fish, pasta and salads in a lovely setting and an amazing view from their balcony or rooftop.

Vanilia Patisserie is a wonderful local patisserie in the centre of town, just behind the church of Agios Antonios. Try one of the island’s famous amigdalota almond sweets here.

You could also try dining at one of the many beach club restaurants. We like Kaiki Beach Club restaurant which is a little more fancy and has a cute bar next door with a great atmosphere. Or Zogeria beach, for its cute laid-back beach taverna.

Where to drink?

a couple of people that are standing in the water: champagne-spetses-img-7222.jpg © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited champagne-spetses-img-7222.jpg

Nuovo 1800. This was our favourite spot for a sundowner. Just a short stroll around the water from the harbour, Nuovo 1800 has a beautiful terrace and lovely Italian food as well. Bikini is another great place for a drink, known for their delicious cocktails and dj beats.

For old-world glam, head to the Poseidonion’s “On The Verandah” for a sundowner in the hotel’s beautiful garden overlooking the water.

Vrelos beach is another great option for an afternoon drink with some good tunes, right on the beach.

Which beach?

For such a small island, there are so many stunning, sun-drenched beaches and little turquoise coves scattered all over, all easily reached by a single road that forms a loop around the island.

With the luscious and verdant pine-clad hills as the backdrop, these beaches are incredibly picturesque and all worth exploring.

Kaiki beach is one of the closest to town (if you are headed west), and is also known as ‘College Beach’, given its close proximity to the Anargyrios College. You might also hear it being called ‘Scholes’. One of the larger beaches, they have plenty of day beds and umbrellas and lots of watersports on offer. There is also a great bar and restaurant as well.

Ligoneri beach is beautifully peaceful and is made up of both sandy and rocks. Paradeisos is a gorgeous, and very tiny beach, that is reached by parking your bike on the side of the road and then walking down a little goat track to the bottom. It is calm and beautiful.

a group of people sitting at a beach umbrella in the water: vrllos-beach-img-7380.jpg © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited vrllos-beach-img-7380.jpg Vréllos beach is a lovely sandy beach on the west part of the island. The beach is surrounded by dense pine forest and is the starting point for a beautiful hiking trail that takes you to Profitis Elias, the highest point of the island. At Vréllos you will find cute rattan beach umbrellas, beautiful turquoise waters, and a laid-back beach bar and restaurant.

Zogeriá is a favourite amongst locals, mainly due to the fact that it is only reachable by taxi boat, hence making the setting even more magical with its backdrop of pines and olive trees. The water here is crystal clear and the beach is both sand and pebbles. Yachts like to stop in here, and there is a cute little taverna on the beach. Tsakona is also a stunning little cove, worth a stop.

a group of palm trees next to a tree: spetses-waters-img-7353.jpg © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited spetses-waters-img-7353.jpg Agia Paraskevi is a sandy beach on the west part of the island, 12 km away from the harbour. There is a cute beach club here and watersports on offer.

Agii Anargyri is one of the biggest beaches on the southwest of the island, where you swim into a large cave (Berkiri’s Cave) where it is alleged that local Spetsiots took refuge during one of the Ottoman raids in 1770. The cave can be found at the western part of the beach, and inside (once your eyes adjust to the dark), you can find a sandy floor and stalactites.

Closest to town is Agia Marina (on the southeast of the island) where you will find a sandy beach and rather fancy beach club. You can also swim in any of the town beaches – the little sliver of beach just below the monastery Agios Nikolaos is popular amongst locals.

What else to do?

Visit the Agios Nikolaos monastery, located on the edge of the Old Port. Built back in 1805, it is rumoured that Napoleon’s brother once slept here. Check out the beautiful black and white mosaic-filled courtyard and white-marble bell tower.

Also worth a visit is the Bouboulina museum, the former home of Laskarina Bouboulina, one of the most famous Spetsiots so far – Bouboulina played a big role in the 1821 War of Independence and is the only female in Greek history to achieve the rank of admiral. The architecture here is delightful.

The Hatzigiannis- Mexis museum, housed in a beautiful 18th century mansion, is also worth a visit if you are interested in browsing relics and letters written in wartime during the 1821 War of Independence.

This article was proudly produced by Georgia Hopkins.

Suzy Welch: The 4 business buzzwords you should stop using immediately

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When discussing upcoming meetings, complicated projects or even a workplace conflict, it’s easy to fall back on well-worn phrases to get your point across. But according to bestselling management author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch, this indirect and confusing language can easily do more harm than good.

“Business jargon is pretty much meaningless,” she tells CNBC Make It. “I mean, ‘shifting paradigm’ — really?”

Below, Welch highlights four business buzzwords that you should strip from your vocabulary today:

“Let’s take this offline”

Not all workplace conversations will be friendly. But regardless of whether or not you agree with your colleagues, Welch says you should never resort to the phrase, “Let’s take this offline.”

Using this business jargon sends a message that says, “We’ve reached an impasse and things are getting awkward, so I’m going to have a private meeting with a smaller group of people later to get what I want.”

Instead, Welch says, you should push through the challenging conversation and address whatever issue is taking place right in that moment.

“Empower” and “Ownership”

“Empower” and “ownership” are two buzzwords that Welch says have a “super high BS factor.” She emphasizes that you should never use the words together in a sentence like, “I’m empowering you to take ownership of this project.”

Instead, Welch suggests being more direct, and saying something along the lines of, “I am giving you the authority to run this project, and I will hold you responsible for its results.”

Once you say this, she says, the key is to actually hold that person accountable.


Most of us have heard someone toss this one around, as in, “That’s a great idea, but we just don’t have the bandwidth for it right now.”

Welch says this is one of her least favorite buzzwords, because it’s usually used to “gloss over your real reason for saying ‘no.'” Rather than beating around the bush, you should be honest about why something can’t take place and simply say some version of:

  • “That idea doesn’t fit our strategy.”
  • “We don’t have the money.”
  • “Our competitors already do that better than we do.”

Regardless of how bad the truth hurts, Welch says that everyone prefers to hear it.

“I could go on and on, because, honestly, all buzzwords are bad,” she says. “Fight like crazy to banish them from your vocabulary, and you might be surprised how truly empowered you become.”

Suzy Welch is the co-founder of the Jack Welch Management Institute and a noted business journalist, TV commentator and public speaker. Think you need Suzy to fix your career? Email her at

Urban Activation – Press Release – Stella on Hannell, Newcastle, NSW

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Stella on Hannell is one of the most sort after apartment offerings in the Newcastle market, why not look at this amazing development for your next move or investment opportunity, and let our team best advise and work with you. Where some areas of Australia may have had some slight realisation on their value, on the whole, Real Estate in general is still the best investment option today. The discerning investor is still investing in unique locations where property values are not regressing, and in fact are on the move. Banks know when to start lifting interest rates and that is when the economy is in a healthy place. Australia has survived the GFC and is still a fantastic market to invest in, and is still sought after by foreign and local investors.
So we introduce to you Stella; Thirdi’s newest residential development in the heart of Newcastle’s thriving WestEnd. Comprising two residential towers offering a mix of 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments with many boasting some of the best uninterrupted views of Newcastle Harbour and City.
Stella on Hannell features modern, open-plan designs with spacious outdoor areas and access to astunning rooftop garden. It’s exactly what you, and the city of Newcastle, have been waiting for.
It’s central location provides; easy access to the Wickham transport interchange, the light rail link to the east of the city and beaches and University city campus. Ben Small says “You will enjoy a great inner city lifestyle, with the ability to access the harbour foreshore and parks, ride a bike, run or walk to local cafes, restaurants, marina and much more”.

Ben Small says “These beautifully designed homes with unmatched harbour views are a result of careful and thoughtful planning. Newcastle is one of the most visually stunning places in the world so the developers have made sure you can take in as much of it as possible. Hence the reason the double tower design which allows you to experience uninterrupted views of the harbour and the city. Partnered with exceptional design and quality construction, the aim is to create homes that you’ll never want to leave”.

One of the best parts of Stella is undeniably the views across this beautiful city. That’s why we’ve built a rooftop for residents to enjoy. With multiple seating areas and pergola style awnings, we’ve designed a decadent rooftop area for sunny days and starry nights

The property will suit first home buyers, investors and owner occupiers due to its excellent location and modern facilities with Sales by Urban Activation.


Regional NSW offers great investment prospects – an article by Matthew George, Urban Activation

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FORGET Sydney, Melbourne or even Brisbane — an often overlooked real estate market has now become the country’s strongest and offers property investors the best growth prospects. It’s closer than you think.

The research suggested NSW’s towns and cities outside of Sydney and Wollongong led the country for growth in real estate transaction activity — a precursor to hikes in home prices.

Regional markets where transactions shot up over the past 18 months included the Hunter Valley, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga and Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.

The Queanbeyan-Palerang region on the part of NSW bordering the ACT was also a strong growth market, according to the Price Predictor Index released by

“In terms of growth, regional NSW has a lot more to offer investors now than Sydney does,” the report said.

The Hunter Region, including the surrounds of Newcastle such as Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Cessnock, Singleton and Muswellbrook, was currently the country’s standout area for growth potential, according to Hotspotting.

A range of Newcastle suburbs recorded double-digit growth in median house prices over the past year, often at more than 20 per cent, industry figures showed.

“We expect this growth to ripple out to some of Newcastle’s near neighbours,” the report said.

Queanbeyan prices were expected to surge due to demand from buyers looking for a more affordable alternative to Canberra.

Sydney prices, on the other hand, have dropped marginally over the past year, while growth has slowed in Melbourne.

Tamworth and Wagga and Wagga, meanwhile, were anticipated to see strong growth in home prices because of their improving economies and infrastructure improvements driving up housing demand.

Hotspotting said other markets with above average price growth prospects were Dubbo, Goulburn, Ballina, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Bathurst, Orange, Albury and the Tweed region.

Conversely, demand was levelling out in Wollongong, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and the Southern Highlands.

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The Bowrey – St. Kilda – Another 94 Feet Boutique Luxury Development – Project Sales and Management by Urban Activation – Matt George

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Designed for ultimate liveability, the spacious 1, 2 & 3 bedroom floorplans of Bowery give you room to live, relax and entertain in style.

94 Feet developed these fantastic Luxury Apartments that were in hot demand in 2017, with 35 sold off the plan by

the Urban Activation sales team says Matthew George.

HOME SWEET HOME Ideally located in St Kilda’s exclusive leafy east-end, the light filled apartments of Bowery will become your sanctuary. Bowery’s one, two and three bedroom floor plans feature spacious bedrooms all with built- in-robes and contemporary open plan living spaces within private balconies or oversized courtyards. Every residence has a full size kitchen, separate laundry, storage cage and one secure car park. With an elegant colour palette to select your finishes from, your apartment at Bowery will be your creation.

GETTING AMOUNGST IT Experience first-hand what makes living in St Kilda East so unique. Immerse yourself in the urban culture of St Kilda East by spending your Saturday’s at Alma Park tasting the eclectic delights of the Hank Marvin food truck market. For foodies and shoppers in the know, Bowery is just a hop, step and jump away from vibrant Chapel Street, home of some of the best hotspots in Melbourne.

CENTRE YOURSELF Zoned for comfort and positioned for lifestyle, Bowery is just 6km from Melbourne’s CBD, you’ll never look back from an easy city commute to work giving you more time for the finer things in life.




PERFECT PROXIMITY By car, bus, tram, train or foot, it’s so simple to get around St Kilda East. Enjoy the close proximity of popular haunts Chapel Street and Carlisle Street on the weekends for a relaxed brunch or fashion fix. After dark, head down to the inner seaside suburb of St Kilda and enjoy a cocktail or two by the beach.

The Urban Activation Team thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with 94 Feet, and were thrilled to sell every apartment off the plan before construction even commenced, and settled them all in 2017.

“Urban Activation continues to sell projects for developers around the country, and we look forward to speaking with you for any future projects” says Matthew George.

You can contact Urban Activation on 1300 750 000 or they can be located at or on Facebook  or Instagram